A sparkler for your wound

I read and hear so often, “You have to love yourself!” I wonder how this phrase resonates with you when you let it roll off your tongue? Does it trigger stress or joy in you? Peace or cramp? In me it triggers a thought of, “I’m not enough yet” or “I’m so not right yet. ” For a long time it just stressed me out because I didn’t know what was meant by it.

The other day I heard a very nice interview and there was a sentence that triggered relaxation in me and made me see the light.
Instead of “What else can I do so that I can love myself even more?” try asking “What is it in me that prevents me from loving myself?” or “How does it come about that I can’t love myself?”
There is always a side or part of us that is very much in struggle and that we ourselves don’t want to have because we usually have a concept of it not being right. This is not to be condemned, because most of the time we have built this concept as a protection already in our childhood.
And exactly this part, wants to be seen by you.
Ask yourself, for example, which of your emotions are not desired by you? Out of which motivation do you do some things? Which situations do you like to avoid?

Personality development often brings a lot of pressure to perform. But that is what we want to get away from. Isn’t it?

Healing is not a goal or a competition. Healing is a process.

Before you want to go higher, further, better, first arrive at your injuries and say YES to them. THAT is self-love.

A sparkler for your wound.

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