Emotional Integration

A 12 week online course

New understanding and transformation of your symptoms

In this course you will learn a system of practical strategies and techniques to restore healthy responses between your mind and body, leading to greater health and wellbeing.
The soul is touched, the mind is understood.
We dedicate ourselves to understanding trauma and the nervous system, regulating our emotions and expanding into the field of our essence and presence.
In order to be stable in this turbulent world, it is important to be able to hold oneself and be there for oneself.
It is indispensable to know who we are in order to still be able to orient ourselves in this rapidly changing time.

As long as we are still controlled and directed by emotions and thoughts, we are caught in a hamster wheel of repetitions that keep us from being free.
Emotional Integration is a course that turns your self-image upside down and shows you ways to experience yourself and establish a deep connection to yourself.
It is about understanding what treasure lies in your (trauma) history, how you can regain natural access to your aliveness through the integration of emotions and how the subtle and spiritual level can be a resource for you when the mundane level (mind and body) is overwhelmed and challenging. Stress responses are perpetuated by our thoughts, feelings and emotions which set off certain neural pathways in the brain. The repetitive firing of the neural pathways causes them to become so entrenched that the reaction is automatic without us even realizing it.

How Jenny found hope again

“Looking back on the course, I often asked myself why I didn’t get to know Kerstin and her work/approaches much earlier. But probably there just wasn’t time for me to deal with these intense issues before. And there was this one point in my life where I just knew… NOW I want to change something! And at that moment I called Kerstin and asked if her course could suit me. And what can I say, now one year later we still have regular sessions and discuss my issues. It’s worth so much and gives me so much peace of mind, confidence and strength that I don’t want to miss it anymore.”

MODULE 1 - Your Body
Nervous system, trauma, bodywork, connection between symptoms and emotions
  1. Appointment: Being whole means being healed. The connection between all levels: body, emotions, thoughts, spirituality.
  2. Appointment: Presence and body; What is presence and how do we get into the state of presence? Our body: healer and storehouse
  3. Appointment: What is a symptom from a holistic perspective? Fascia and perception
MODULE 3 -The Power of Emotions

How emotions control us, What are emotions? Approaches to dealing with difficult emotions, values and boundaries etc. own topics, exchange in small groups

  1. Date: Emotions and our nervous system/learned shame, fear
  2. Appointment: Dealing with emotions; triggers and needs; experiencing needs in a healing way
  3. Appointment: The emotional level is the level that creates our reality
MODULE 2 - Thoughts, stress factors and supporters

Background on the structure and property of our thoughts. (The brain and its function, brain waves and their states, difference between pain and suffering, recognizing and relaxing thinking habits, finding and relaxing beliefs, heart – brain coherence etc.).

  1. Appointment: Thoughts: when do they support us and when do they harm us? The influence of thoughts on our emotions and our well-being
  2. Appointment: Our self-image and the meaning for our life; The roles we play: consciously/unconsciously
  3. Appointment: How we challenge our thoughts and use them for us (finding out beliefs and integrating the feeling).
MODULE 4 - Spirituality and the subtle (ethereal) level

The Spirit or intuitive level – guided and other meditations, how can we understand and embody presence. Healing happens ONLY in expansion. And this we experience in the conscious keeping of what is there NOW.

  1. Event: Emotional and spiritual bypassing/ The meaning of frequencies and brainwaves
  2. Session: Self-knowledge begins with observation; who we really are
  3. Session: Experiencing Physical and Internal Reality; Body Exercises to Open to the Subtle Plane

Your path

The symptoms come first. We begin to hear the call, set out on our journey and develop a willingness to want to understand ourselves better.
The storyline, or timeline, shows us all the experiences of our lives, our emotional attachment experiences and how we have learned to interpret them and then develop our identity through them. This is where our deepest traumas and our strongest resources lie.

The storyline, or timeline, shows us all the experiences of our life, our emotional attachment experiences and how we have learned to interpret them and then develop our identity through them. This is where our deepest traumas and our strongest resources lie.

Feelings and emotions transport our life energy. They set impulses that make us act and stand up for ourselves. Trauma and unhealthy attachment experiences can block the free flow of emotions.

Transformation comes through your healing and integration process. It means that we are able to see ourselves and the world in a new and different way and to recognize that everything is part of the whole and thus has its justification.

This course is for you if …

you want to expand your understanding and experience of the holistic connection between body, mind and spirituality.

you want to learn how to regulate and hold yourself in feelings or situations that overwhelm you, such as fear, anger and powerlessness.

you want to be given many tools and exercises to show you how to deal with emotions, stressful thoughts and pain.

You want to understand and let go of your own pain and symptoms.

You want to work with people and give helpful support.

you really want to arrive at yourself and be and live who you really and truly are.

“Kerstin showed me blind spots with her humorous way, which helped me decisively on my way. Her guidance is very substantial and I appreciate her professionalism, which takes nothing personally.” – Friederike, 33 years
“It was the greatest gift I’ve allowed to give myself in some time. Her unique approach to address the physical body as well as the spiritual and link the two have been an eye opening experience.” – Daniela, New Jersey USA
“At some point, I was spinning in circles. Reason and intellect were of no help. Kerstin showed me how to get in touch with my body and how to perceive and allow my emotions. She listens, gives impulses, questions, explains, and always gets me out of my comfort zone. Patiently, but also persistently, she supports me on my path. I make new experiences, gain surprising insights and am happy about my successes.” -Barbara, Switzerland
“Bodydialog has been an eye-opening experience and Kerstin is absolutely wonderful. I’ve had issues with lower back pain for about 20+ years which at times left me immobile and unable to work. I’ve been without major episodes since I’ve started working with her. It’s been incredibly fascinating to see a completely different perspective of my life and Kerstin was 100% present throughout the process which she tailored just to me, not cookie cutter at all. Kerstin has truly been a life saver and I highly recommend her and Bodydialog. Trust the process!” – Louise, NY

Price and conditions

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Condition: Free preliminary talk

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