Bodydialog® Reading

The coaching that goes deeper

A healing path is always a process of consciousness and transformation.

We do not suffer from external circumstances or people, but from stories and our self-images that are embodied through and within us.

A symptom wants to show us something.
Especially now in a time of great energetic change.
🔸What does your body want to tell you and where are blind spots that help you look in a new direction?
🔸What parts/roles are you still embodying that no longer serve you?
🔸Which pattern is still active and simply cannot be discarded?
🔸How can thoughts and behaviour shape you? And what do your fasciae have to do with it?



In the reading we will “read” together what is hidden in your posture and behind your symptom, issues, experiences, belief and attitude patterns and blocked emotions. Often this brings us closer and we can find a “meaning” in why our body reacts the way it does.

Feeling: When we feel, we experience ourselves. Then we accept, allow and integrate ourselves. Feeling’ is, next to ‘recognising’, the step that makes change possible in the first place. It is the step that leads into the body and through feeling we connect. With ourselves and with others.

Accepting: When we recognise what ‘shapes us’, we can move into a benevolent attitude towards ourselves by accepting it. It is like a route we plan – we need the starting point (our honest look at the ACTUAL state) and the destination.

Changing: Change happens when we have a new (body) dialogue with ourselves and re-embody ourselves in what we desire. Depending on what the client comes to the reading with, I work with different methods and approaches.

“After each Bodydialog Coaching session with Kerstin I have more access to my emotions again, especially my tears which are often hidden behind protective walls. Afterwards it often happens that I dream more intensely and can cry again and laugh from the heart and my joy of life finds its way back to me step by step.” Miri, 30 years, Bern
“Never before have I been shown my behaviour so visually through my avoidant posture and anger towards myself. Kerstin now guides me in further sessions very sensitively and directly to approaches to solutions on a physical level and tests them out with me. The Bodydialog coaching has made me courageous to stand up for myself.” Regula, 58 years, Bern

What can I use it for?

– Little body awareness/ contact with oneself
– Difficulties in decision making
– Little self-esteem
– For physical symptoms/ pain
– For clarifying life issues
– In process support
– For communicative challenges
– For professional reorientation
– etc.

Which methods and approaches do I use?

– Resource work – Emotion-oriented bodywork – Posture analysis and training – Myofascial release (fascia treatments) – Breathwork – Mindfulness training – Perception training – Body dialogue approaches (body/mind) – Integral Somatic Psychology™

Emotionale Integration

New understanding and transformation for symptomatology

Max. 10 persons
12 weeks
1x week / Zoom
Weekly impulses
Individual support
Group support