About Me

Movement is life and through movement we grow.

I was born into this world in 1974.

I have “cured” myself from constant physical and emotional pain and a long-standing feeling of numbness. – I don’t walk with a cane, nor do I have a hunchback (that was the prognosis predicted for me as a toddler). Nor am I schizophrenic (which many experience, with a similar traumatic inner early childhood experience).
I became a dancer and an actress and a movement therapist. And I have struggled all my life to “understand” life. My goal and my path have always been health. I always knew there was a way for me and that my story was not in vain.

A common thread in my life has been an irrepressible curiosity to really understand human beings, to understand myself, to find the connections between body, emotions, and mind.
To find the core of any physical, emotional and mind problem and seek solutions. First for myself. And then for my clients.

From a young age I went on a quest for more knowledge about the big picture. What it means to live in a human body with all it’s challenges. Then I dived into the details. I researched. I studied. I read. I learned. And I found solutions.


What I do is not just a business. It is an experience.
It’s about consciousness development, not about “making pain go away.”
It’s not about trying harder, becoming more visible, fighting harder.
It’s about connecting with the human body and opening up a dialog with the consciousness which runs it.

Bodydialog® is not something I have consciously “developed”.

Bodydialog® is a wisdom, a truth that has helped me go through the most painful and difficult phases and moments in my life. And when I found answers to make my life easier, I was compelled to share them with you.

I don’t have a marketing concept.
I don’t want to explain myself, nor prove myself.
Instead, I offer my wisdom and experience, my soul truths, human truths, to you.

“Symptoms arise at a certain level of development and consciousness. Healing on another.”

Do I still have pain sometimes?
Oh yes, I do. Sometimes I can hardly move.
And I know how to deal with it, and what I can do to move again.

Am I sometimes emotionally challenged?
Oh yes! Often!
But I do know what I can do to stabilize and regulate myself. And each time I do this, my healing becomes faster and faster.

We don’t heal by making things go away. Healing is a process. Because we are a process.
We are not a machine that is missing a screw.

Our healing is based on awareness, recognition, integration, connection. Body, emotions, thoughts–spirit (subtle).

To see and understand something NEW means really NEW. That is, NEW in a way that you did not know before.
To heal any pain (physical, mental, emotional), we need to explore the NEW. The UNKNOWN.

Because this is where the healing is.

And with my work Bodydialog®, I help you go exactly where it is uncomfortable and unknown. To the core. Where your answers are. And it is completely possible to go here with support, with ease, and whilst feeling safe. And without drama. And this is what we do in our sessions.

If you approach a pain point with your consciousness in such a way that you want it to go away, then that is resistance. And resistance is and remains resistance.

If you stand in front of a wall and say: “I want to go through it”, it will not move aside.

But you can perhaps lean against the wall and rest for a moment. You can let it hold you, feel its stability at your back.

“The older a bonded emotion is, the deeper it sits in the body.”

What then remains is you.
You with you.
That’s where I go every morning. Sometimes several times a day.
And that’s where we go together.

All levels need special access.
And I guide you to this access.
Integration means being with what is. That’s it.

And sometimes, many times, the pain disappears all by itself–when we are no longer busy trying to get rid of it.

This is how I have experienced it, time and time again.

Founder Bodydialog®
Bodydialog® stands for my healing path and integrates everything I have learned about healing and the connections between body and mind. The name once appeared to me in a dream and it embodies what I am all about – being in dialogue with the body and through the body with all other levels of our being. With my method I have been accompanying people for many years into a deeper and closer contact with their body, themselves and their life.
Dance and acting training
My love of creativity, and my joy of movement and play led me out of a language degree and onto the stage, into expression, storytelling, and bond of our shared human experiences. Curiosity, role-playing, and the connection with my body and my audience allowed me to experience the magic and fascination of presence and expansion, and feel that this is my path. And to invite them into this experience as well.
Pilates and Fascia trainer
The gentle strength training and the surrendering and opening flexibility in fascia training have greatly alleviated my pain. “Be like water”, Bruce Lee once said. The more supple I am. The more I surrender, the more permeable I become in my body and in my mind. It is resistance that makes life difficult for us. When we don’t want pain, when we don’t want a certain situation, we tend to tense up. And when we tense up, we hold onto the very pain (physical, mental, emotional) which has made our life difficult. The pain we don’t want. The pain which stops us living the amazing life we envision and want and deserve. Teaching Pilates and working with fascia is where I developed my x-ray vision, and my fascination for the body and anatomy. And it’s where I gained my first experience of teaching the connection between body, mind, and soul.
Fascia therapist/ German Society for Myofascial Release e.V.
This training enabled me to dive deeply into the vitality of our connective tissue and into the connections between emotions, our physical mobility, and our presence. There is a profound connection between you feeling alive and mobile, the state of your connective tissue, your emotions, and your presence. And when you can be present, you can easily connect to your true self, and communicate this to others in your world. Which means you can create the amazing life you want, you can be, do and have all the relationships, opportunities, success, passion, and happiness you desire.
Integral Life Coach
Our lives are a universal urge for fulfilment, freedom, and knowledge. To be able to accompany another human being a piece of their path is grace for me, is joy and sacred responsibility. This training over 3 years changed me a lot and awakened my deep love for community and processes in an appreciative environment. A Jewish proverb says, “No one can fulfil the task for which you came into this life.” And my task is to share what I have experienced and developed.
Spinal therapy according to Dorn and Breuss
This is an energetic back massage, which is used after the Dorn therapy for strengthening and for energy blockages. The Breuss massage releases physical and mental tensions and initiates the regeneration of undersupplied intervertebral discs. Much suffering and pain is located along the spine and leads to immobility and affects the organs. Through this method, the spine becomes more flexible again and energetic blockages can be released.
Kinesiology/ Touch for health
Touch for Health® Kinesiology (TFHK ) is a system of balancing posture, attitude and life energy for greater comfort, vitality and enjoyment of your life. Touch for Health falls under the branch of alternative and complementary therapy known as kinesiology – systems of healing that use manual muscle biofeedback to determine which stimuli stress the body and how that stress can be decreased.
Coach for Idiolectic- at F. Martin/Düsseldorf
Every human being has his or her own way of “speaking”. This language is an expression (of the totality of a person and) of how they feel, think and see themselves and the world. If we listen carefully and ask resource-oriented questions from a place of presence and well-being, we can recognize the person in his or her wholeness and health.
PR Specialist/ West German Academy for Communication/ Cologne
Coach for communication and mindfulness with Florian Goldberg/Berlin
This training has deepened my knowledge of psychology and communication. Like everything else, it flows into my work.
Integral Somatic Psychology® Raja Selvam
This stage was teaching and learning for me. I dived deep into a process of change. This method showed me how energy, when flowing through my body, becomes a holistic psychological healing process. A harmonious complement to my work Bodydialog® in which all three levels are simultaneously involved in the work as a coach and trainer. When you connect the three levels, your nervous system becomes regulated. And this process reconnects your body, your energy, and your human consciousness. Then you can create the happy life you want.

Havening is a profound tool with which I have also been able to enrich my life. It supports with difficult emotions and also with deep life questions. Havening is a gift for me and my life and it is a beautiful way to reconnect with myself and experience self-love.

Thank you for finding your way to this page I honor your journey and wish you all the very best. If my story, my words, and my work resonate with you, please feel free to reach out to me and see how I can help you.  Contact me here Because it’s possible YOU are ready now to free yourself from living a painful life, and instead move into the amazing life you know you deserve. Because you absolutely do. Best wishes/all the best with your healing, Kerstin